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Welcome to Greenwood Forest Products

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a family firm, committed to providing high levels of service & quality while using our state of the art machinery lines which produce timber moulded products and animal bedding.

Trusted for over 50 years

Our business was founded by the still current owner/MD, Mr Richard McClure. The company begun as a Timber Merchants and quickly grew a reputation for a quality in its materials that customers came to rely upon.

It machined all its own planed timbers and thorugh that process made its own shavings which were sent away to shaving trading companies for the first 35 years in business. At every turn, customers have been able to rely on the total commitment to quality, always led by Mr McClure who carries exacting standards throughout his entire business.


The business has been built on an assured quality basis. What customers want and expect is what they get. For instance; the company learned to grade timbers to supply customers with graded components before those became readily available from the continent. And in bedding, those same quality principals are applied so that the bedding is consistent in quality all year round, again customers have come to depend on that trustable quality.


The company holds a chain of custody certificate for FSC® (Licence Code - FSC-C014514) stewardship timbers and it is a member of HACCP organisations dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business.

Guaranteed Traceability

Promoting the responsible management of forests worldwide

Environmentally AppropriateProtecting and maintaining natural communities and high conservation value forests.

Socially Beneficial

Respecting the rights of workers, communities and indigenous peoples.

We make wood shavings as part of our every day processes so we have traceability at every stage. Other suppliers of shavings buy them in, the quality often reduces in times of shortages because they can blend substandard products in too.